Shaanxi Sheng'ao Animal Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

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  Shaanxi Sheng'ao Animal Pharmaceutical Co., a comprehensive enterprise specializing in research and development,production,sales and service of veterinary drugs.Founded in September 2000,it is located in the United States Science and Technology Industrial Park of Jinghe New Town,Xixian New Area,the land origin of the People's Republic of China.It covers an area of 36,000 square meters and has a registered capital of 60 million yuan.The development has become the most professional veterinary drug manufacturer in Northwest China.It was awarded the"Innovation Research and Development Center of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Shaanxi Province"in 2012;passed the GMP certification of veterinary drug of the Ministry of Agriculture for the third time in 2015;was awarded the"Famous Trademark of Shaanxi Province"by the Shaanxi Administration for Industry and Commerce in the same year,and was appraised In February 2017,it was awarded"Famous Brand Products of Shaanxi Province"by the People's Government of Shaanxi Province;in December of the same year,it was awarded"State-level High-tech Enterprises";in 2018,it was awarded"the Sixth Batch of small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises of Shaanxi Province".Over the past few years,the business results have been remarkable.The products have been exported to all provinces and autonomous regions of the country.Under the leadership of the belt and road policy,some products have been exported to Southeast Asia,Central Asia and some parts of Europe,and the sales market of the company is expanding constantly.
  Shaanxi Sheng'ao Animal Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.takes science and technology as the forerunner,strives for survival by quality,strives for development by innovation.At present,the company has many senior,intermediate and long-term technical personnel engaged in pharmaceutical profession.In 2017,Shaanxi Sheng'ao Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.and Beijing Zhongke Gene Co.,Ltd.jointly established the Northwest Branch of Zhongke Gene,and established the laboratory of professional institutions,which established a strong backing for drug research and development and quality safety.At the same time,the company also cooperated with Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University,Gansu Agricultural and Forestry University,Yang Ling Vocational and Technical College School cooperation,guiding the company's veterinary drug production and new drug research and development,has also been named by colleges and universities teaching and scientific research practice base.
  The company now has 11 production lines,including:Chinese medicine extraction,Chinese medicine powder,Western medicine powder,premix,final sterilization small volume injection,final sterilization large capacity intravenous injection,non-chlorine disinfectant,perfusion agent;the second workshop has been completed and has been put into use.It includes:final sterilization large capacity non-intravenous injection workshop,oral liquid workshop,non-PVC membrane soft bag infusion workshop,vertical polypropylene infusion workshop.The construction of this project has made our dosage forms more comprehensive,especially the construction of large non-PVC membrane soft bag infusion and vertical polypropylene infusion production line,which has filled the blank market of veterinary pharmaceutical formulations,and laid a foundation for the export of products.
  The company adheres to the principles of high technology,high standards and high quality,adheres to the market as the center,quality as the core,in line with people-oriented,scientific and technological innovation,advocate quality,the pursuit of excellence in business philosophy,to provide high-quality,efficient,safe and reliable animal health products.