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Enhance the understanding of the team. Team members fully understand the task or goal, only team members have a clear and common understanding of the work objectives, work can be consistent, increase the sense of urgency in the implementation process, so as to establish a sense of achievement in the hearts of members.

Build trust in the team. Trust is the basis for a team to work and play a role. Only by establishing mutual trust relationship and improving the trust ability of team members, can the results of work achieve 1 + 1 > 2 effect.


Cultivate team responsibility. Responsibility is the most basic professional spirit, more than ability, there is no good job, only irresponsible people. Responsibility carries capacity.


Improve team communication skills. Establish sufficient communication channels in the team, encourage members to fully communicate on the problems, the status quo, stimulate the collision of thinking, and create a fair and equal communication environment.

Improve the comprehensive ability of the team. The comprehensive ability of the team should include the team's executive ability, learning ability, performance ability and harmony ability.

Cultivate the cultural spirit of the team and mold the soul. Teamwork refers to the willingness and style of the members of a team to cooperate and do their best for the benefit and goal of the team. It is the soul of a first-class team.