Shaanxi Sheng'ao Animal Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

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Enterprise tenet:openness,harmony,enterprising and dedication.

Enterprise Vision:With excellent quality,value and service,satisfy customers,serve the market,and achieve maximum customer and social benefits.

Values:meet your needs and achieve shared value.

Business philosophy:people-oriented,scientific management,develop new products,and serve the healthy development of animal husbandry.

Team consciousness:adhering to the training,OBO leads.

The spirit of enterprise:be conscientious,sincere,honest and enterprising,and strive for innovation.

The concept of talents:to provide boundless opportunities for people with lofty ideals to realize the value of creating interests.

Quality concept:with good faith,take conscience medicine.

Professional ethics:ten years of brilliant struggle,hundred years of enterprise rely on integrity.

The idea of work:the way of thinking determines the way out,the idea accomplishments the future,the finer relates to the results,and the attitude decides everything.

Social responsibility:we take an active part in promoting social progress and assisting the weak.A society of gain and common prosperity.

Corporate image:quality,enterprise,knowledge and youth.

Core Competence:Quality shows strength,efficiency creates development,we listen attentively and try our best to meet every requirement of our customers.

Development Strategy:Increase investment in science and technology,devote to animal health and animal health medicine research,and strive for the rise of China's aquaculture industry.