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Boost the green development of animal husbandry

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  In July 19th,the working conference on resource utilization of livestock and poultry waste was held in the municipal animal husbandry and Veterinary Bureau.The meeting briefed the city on the utilization of livestock and poultry breeding waste resources,and deployed the next step.Huo Yuanyuan,deputy mayor,signed the target responsibility document on behalf of the municipal government and the districts(cities)and the high-tech zones.
  The meeting demanded that all relevant departments at all levels should stand at the height of implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping's ecological and environmental protection concept,fully understand the significance of doing well in the recycling and utilization of livestock and poultry wastes,and make full efforts to do well in the recycling and utilization of livestock and poultry wastes,so as to promote the green development of animal husbandry and breeding.We should intensify efforts to promote the work,constantly optimize the layout of livestock and poultry breeding,implement the"land-based,fertilized land,planting and breeding docking"model,encourage farmers to increase the application of organic fertilizer,reduce the use of chemical fertilizer,the formation of aquaculture,planting ecological cycle pattern.We should comprehensively promote the construction and acceptance of large-scale aquaculture farm waste treatment facilities,and strive to reach 100%by the end of 2018.We should carry out the construction of beautiful ecological farms and lead more farms to take the road of beautiful ecological development.We should speed up the pace of aquaculture development,increase the pressure,upgrade the archives,and create a green pollution-free brand.