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Warmly welcome the leaders of the Ministry of science and technology, the provincial science and technology department and the M

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  On Tuesday, July 31, 2018, a delegation of the Ministry of Science and Technology came to our county to check and accept the work of the National Agricultural Science and Technology Park. Zhang Xuanchao, the Standing Committee of the County Committee and the Minister of Propaganda Department, and Jia Xiaoxuan, the Vice-County Mayor, jointly inspected the park and arrived at our company at 16:00 p.m. on that day. Under the guidance of our office area, research and development center to understand the work, give us a lot of valuable comments and suggestions, let us more firmly the direction of future development!
Visiting the exhibition hall of honor
First of all, under the leadership of Chairman Du Peng and General Manager Du Yufeng, the leaders came to the honorary exhibition hall of our company to understand the company's development process and witness the company's cultural strength.
  Visit the product exhibition hall
  Then,I visited our company's product exhibition hall to get a more comprehensive understanding of our product formulations.
  Visit R&D Center
  Finally,under the leadership of General Manager Du Yufeng,we went to the R&D center of the company for investigation.General Manager Du Yufeng told the leaders about the R&D content and direction of the R&D center.Through the investigation and understanding of the R&D center,the leaders gave great praise.
  After the visit,the leaders gave high praise.Veterinary pharmaceuticals industry is one of the key industries supported and supported by our province.We hope that our company will vigorously develop independent innovation,increase investment in scientific research,and pay attention to the creation,protection and application of independent knowledge and property rights.Under the leadership of General Manager Du Yufeng,our company will continue to work hard,solid work,pragmatic development and strive for greater victory.