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Development trend of animal husbandry in China in recent ten years
Breeding land restricts development. With the acceleration of urbanization, the delimitation of forbidden zone and restricted zone in animal husbandry is becoming more and more strict, which makes it
Current situation and trend of animal husbandry development
  The scale of livestock production has been expanding,the total volume of livestock products has increased substantially,and the quality of livestock products has been continuously improving.However,
Consideration on the current situation and development trend of veterinary drug industry
China's laws and regulations are being improved and management deepened day by day.R&D,registration,production,quality,management,supervision and regulation of the whole industry chain regulations and
Analysis of concentration and development trend of veterinary drug industry in China in 2018
近年来兽药行业持续扩容。按照统计,2016年兽药行业市场容量465亿元,其中化药333亿元,同比增长9%;生药131亿,同比增长22%;还有少量其他产品。    兽药行业持续扩容   数据来源:公开资料整理   相关报告:智研咨询发布的《2018-2024年中国中兽药市场深度调研及投资战略分析报告》   兽药产品市场结构    数据来源:公开资料整理   2、消费升级
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