Current situation and trend of animal husbandry development


The scale of livestock production has been expanding,the total volume of livestock products has increased substantially,and the quality of livestock products has been continuously improving.However,there are still many problems.According to these problems,the paper puts forward the Countermeasures for the transformation of the development mode of animal husbandry in China,and looks forward to the development trend.

Animal husbandry;farmers;feed resources;development status;development trend

Animal husbandry occupies an extremely important position in China's national economy.Its development level is directly related to the level of economy and agricultural production.In order to meet the needs of the whole national economy,we should increase the"labor force"and fertilizers needed for agricultural production,ensure that light industry can obtain sufficient sources of raw materials and gradually meet the needs of the whole national economy.The people's increasing demand for meat and other products has increased the national economy and personal income.The proportion of livestock production in developed countries is more than 50%,such as the United States accounting for 50%,the United Kingdom accounting for 59.8%,and the more developed countries such as New Zealand and Australia accounting for more than 70%of agriculture.The output value of animal husbandry in China only accounts for about 35%of the agricultural output value.The per capita intake of meat and eggs and milk in developed countries is 2-3 times of that in China.Therefore,we must vigorously develop animal husbandry production.With the rapid development of our grain production,China's animal husbandry will also develop rapidly,playing a greater role in the national economy as a whole,transforming and increasing the value of grain and its agricultural and sideline products,increasing exports,exchanging foreign exchange,accumulating funds for socialist construction,and supporting the reform of socialist industrial goods and agricultural technology.It also provides a broad domestic market for the processing industry.

Development status of animal husbandry

Since the reform and opening up,China's animal husbandry has been developing steadily,both the amount of livestock and poultry,animal husbandry products and per capita possession are showing an obvious upward trend.Especially in recent years,with the implementation of the policy of strengthening agriculture and benefiting agriculture,animal husbandry has shown a momentum of accelerated development,the mode of production of animal husbandry has undergone positive changes,and the scale,standardization,industrialization and regionalization have been accelerated.At present,the output value of animal husbandry has accounted for 35%of China's total agricultural output value,and more than 100 million people are engaged in animal husbandry production.In areas where animal husbandry is developing rapidly,the income of animal husbandry has accounted for more than 40%of farmers'income.Animal husbandry in China plays a vital role in ensuring the stability of food prices in urban and rural areas and promoting the increase of farmers'income.Animal husbandry in many places has become a pillar industry of the rural economy and a major source of increasing farmers'income.A large number of excellent brands of animal husbandry are constantly emerging to promote the development of modern animal husbandry.Made positive contributions.

The development of animal husbandry is of great significance to the construction of modern agriculture,the increase of farmers'income,the construction of new socialist countryside and the improvement of people's living standards.However,a series of problems have gradually emerged in the development of animal husbandry.Overall,China's animal husbandry is still in the stage of coexistence of traditional and modern breeding methods,and the dominant mode of traditional breeding.It is small in scale,mixed in species,mixed in human and livestock,scattered in scattered areas,mixed in mixed culture,and extensive in operation.At the same time,there are still some problems in some places,such as inadequate investment in animal husbandry,hidden dangers in animal husbandry and animal products processing,uncertainties affecting the quality and safety of animal products,relatively inadequate breeding environment and production conditions,and serious animal epidemic situation.

1.The capital input of animal husbandry is still insufficient,the infrastructure of animal product breeding is generally weak,and the dependence on foreign varieties is still very high.

2.The epidemic problem has become increasingly prominent.The situation of major animal epidemics is still grim.The risk of epidemics is high,which has a great impact on people's confidence in consuming livestock products,thus seriously restricting the development of animal husbandry.The whole animal epidemic prevention system can not meet the needs of the development of the situation,to a certain extent,threatening the sustained and healthy development of animal husbandry.

3.The production mode of animal husbandry is still lagging behind the current large proportion of domestic free-range farmers,feeding level is low,there is no awareness of prevention.According to the recent animal epidemics,most of them occurred in small-scale households,but the incidence of large-scale farms and breeding communities is low.

4.the"green channel"of livestock products circulation has not been fully established in China.

Two,solutions to the problems of animal husbandry development

1.We should start from the national policy,increase the support to animal husbandry,let animal husbandry play a huge role in the road of agricultural development,promote and cultivate fine varieties,increase the investment in animal husbandry,improve the production mode,management concept and product quality of animal husbandry.

2.We should vigorously promote and upgrade the construction of animal disease prevention and control system in China to avoid the impact of epidemic animal diseases on animal husbandry in China.

3.Promoting the transformation of animal husbandry breeding mode,focusing on the concept of moderate breeding,speeding up the scale of animal husbandry,the pace of professional construction,effective use of high-tech animal husbandry breeding means,so that the quality and output of animal products more perfect.

4.Efforts should be made to construct and perfect the"green channel"for livestock products in China,to expand exports,to further the economic benefits of animal husbandry,to stimulate farmers'enthusiasm for livestock products,and to promote the overall development of animal husbandry in China.