Seven key tasks of animal husbandry in 2018!


The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed that the implementation of the Rural Revitalization Strategy is not only an important task but also a major opportunity for the development of animal husbandry. Promoting animal husbandry to take the lead in realizing modernization in agriculture is a major responsibility of animal husbandry to help "agriculture is strong"; driving hundreds of millions of farmers to raise farming income is an important mission of animal husbandry to help "farmers rich"; carrying out aquaculture environment management and grassland ecological protection construction is a historical responsibility of animal husbandry to help "rural beauty".
General idea
We should fully implement the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China,earnestly study and implement the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Jinping,take the new development concept as a guide,thoroughly implement the decision-making arrangements of the Central Rural Work Conference and the National Agricultural Work Conference,and focus on the implementation of the strategy of Rural Revitalization and the new tasks and requirements of building a beautiful China.Aiming at optimizing supply,strengthening security and protecting ecology,taking"increasing efficiency"as the key point to speed up the transformation of production mode,taking"increasing value"as the key point to speed up the shaping of new industrial forms,taking"improving beauty"as the key point to speed up the reconstruction of planting and breeding relations,taking"increasing green"as the key point to strengthen grassland ecological protection and construction,and continuously promoting labor production Rate,resource utilization rate,livestock and poultry productivity,promote high-quality development of animal husbandry,and take the lead in realizing modernization in agriculture.
  Key work
  In 2018,we should focus on the following seven aspects.
  Reconstructing new breeding relationship
  Continue to promote the utilization of livestock and poultry waste
  We will implement the Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Speeding up the Utilization of Livestock and Poultry Breeding Wastes,and organize and carry out the utilization of livestock and poultry waste resources.Perfect system design.We will promote the improvement of land use policies for the utilization of livestock and poultry manure,the EIA system for livestock and poultry farms,and the carbon emission reduction trading system.The"Technical Guide for Measuring the Bearing Capacity of Livestock and Poultry Dung Soil"was issued to guide the rational distribution of livestock and poultry farming,promote the combination of breeding and animal husbandry,and promote the development of agricultural and animal husbandry cycle.Implementation of support policies.We will continue to implement the county-wide project to promote the utilization of manure and sewage resources,increase investment in funds,expand coverage,support the centralized improvement of about 200 large livestock-raising counties,and promote the formation of a sustainable operation mechanism for the utilization of animal and poultry manure and sewage resources.Strengthen work assessment.Perfect the performance appraisal system,jointly with the Ministry of Environmental Protection,promulgated the"livestock and poultry breeding waste recycling work evaluation measures",regularly carry out work supervision,and effectively implement the responsibility of local government territorial management.Strengthen demonstration and guidance.To organize and convene a national conference on the reuse of livestock and poultry wastes,to hold a forum on the modernization of animal husbandry and the reuse of livestock and poultry wastes,to carry out the activities of establishing demonstration counties for the green development of animal husbandry,to add 50 new demonstration counties,and to demonstrate and guide the comprehensive utilization of livestock and poultry wastes.We will promote the construction of standard system for the application of manure to the fields,and organize the monitoring of the whole industrial chain.
Comprehensive implementation of grain reform and feeding policy
Focusing on the"sickle bend"area and the main maize producing areas in Huanghuaihai,the policy coverage and implementation scale of grain conversion were expanded,and more than 12 million mu of grain conversion was completed.On the basis of silage maize,high quality forage varieties such as alfalfa,oat and sweet sorghum were popularized according to local conditions.We should vigorously develop socialized professional storage service organizations to improve the commercialized supply capacity of high quality forage.Actively strive for large-scale harvesting machinery and equipment acquisition,forage transportation,harvesting enterprise financing and other supporting policies,strengthen the research and development of forage utilization technology model,increase publicity and guidance,create a good policy atmosphere.
Vigorously develop modern grassland industry
We will strengthen the protection of forage germplasm resources and the construction of breeding bases for improved varieties,and examine and popularize a number of fine forage varieties.Strengthen the popularization service of advanced and applicable technology of grassland industry,formulate the technical standards and regulations of forage cultivation,processing and storage,and constantly improve the level of industrial development.Artificial grass planting should be developed according to local conditions,high-yield cultivation techniques should be integrated and popularized,and a number of standardized grass cultivation demonstration bases should be built.Strengthen policy support,cultivate and strengthen grass products production and processing enterprises and professional cooperative organizations,to create a well-known brand of grass products.
Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of animal husbandry
Start up modern demonstration Ranch
The organization has formulated the modern model pasture selection standard,and issued the plan for developing the modern demonstration ranch.Start demonstration activities,with pig,dairy cattle and other major livestock and poultry scale farms as the focus,taking into account other characteristics of livestock and poultry scale farms,through the application for the establishment,expert guidance,evaluation and determination,on-site assessment and other links,to create 100 demonstration farms.We should strengthen publicity and guidance,give full play to the leading role of demonstration farms in the modernization process of animal husbandry,and encourage and guide other farms to upgrade the level of modernization.With the modernization of animal husbandry as a focal point,we should organize scientific research institutes,technical popularization organizations,enterprises and other multi-disciplinary bodies to carry out major joint scientific research on key links of livestock and poultry production,and promote the integration and popularization of technology model assembly.We will improve the index system for livestock and poultry scale farming equipment,promote the construction of key mechanical category standards,and upgrade the level of modern animal husbandry facilities and equipment and the level of intelligence.
Promoting the revitalization of modern livestock and poultry industry
We should implement the genetic improvement plan and strengthen the selection and management of the breeding base for core breeding and breeding.To carry out regional joint pig breeding,promote the whole genome selection,strengthen the genetic evaluation of breeding pigs,and establish the profit sharing mechanism of pig breeding enterprises.The implementation of the waterfowl genetic improvement plan.Promote joint breeding of beef cattle and sheep.In accordance with the principle of supporting the superiority and strengthening the strength,we will support large and medium-sized livestock and poultry breeding enterprises and scientific research institutes in promoting breeding innovation and genetic resources protection.We will continue to strengthen the protection of livestock and poultry germplasm resources and the supervision of the quality and safety of livestock and poultry.Revision of the"Approval of Matching Lines for New Livestock and Poultry Varieties and Measures for Identification of Livestock and Poultry Genetic Resources"to speed up the evaluation of new livestock and poultry strains.Research on development of livestock and poultry industry abroad.