Consideration on the current situation and development trend of veterinary drug industry


1.The remarkable achievements of China's veterinary drug industry

China's laws and regulations are being improved and management deepened day by day.R&D,registration,production,quality,management,supervision and regulation of the whole industry chain regulations and policies,in recent years has made a breakthrough in the promotion,especially more and more attention and efficient absorption of industry opinions;since 2005,the implementation of GMP management,let China's veterinary drug industry leap to a new height,after the new deal and supervision prompted the birth of new.Production standards have also been significantly improved,and excellent enterprises'R&D capabilities have been significantly improved.Some product technologies have reached or even surpassed international standards.Enterprises that focus on long-term development have set up high-standard R&D institutions,which have gathered a number of outstanding R&D personnel.In the past 10 years,506 new veterinary drugs(270 biological products,167 chemical drugs and 69 traditional Chinese medicines)have been approved,which have significantly improved the market competitiveness and met the needs of aquaculture.Continuous strengthening of supervision and strict control,the deterrent effect is prominent,the good currency effect is gradually emerging;product quality continues to improve,product sampling pass rate has increased year by year,the first half of 2015 sampling pass rate reached 95.8%.

Two,the current situation and trend of aquaculture in China

The transformation of aquaculture industry from extensive to refined,standardized and information-based management presents acceleration,and the level of aquaculture has significantly improved.The proportion of large-scale aquaculture is increasing rapidly,aquaculture has become a capital,technology,management-intensive industry,focusing on hardware investment and upgrading,through the scale,management and technology to enhance efficiency is replacing speculation and profit margin;at the same time,subject to land resources and environmental pressure,the regional pattern of aquaculture due to economic level The migration and migration of population density,origin of raw grain and epidemic prevention are becoming increasingly prominent.The awareness of"prevention first,prevention more than cure,management more important than prevention"and the awareness of large-scale aquaculture enterprises have been significantly strengthened and gradually expanded;food safety has become the focus of attention of large-scale aquaculture enterprises,and then extended to concern about the effects of aquaculture mode,processing technology,feed addition,immunotherapy,and dirt treatment on food safety;and the abuse of vaccines and contaminants;and The harm of medicines is being paid attention to and changed,the cost of vaccines has been significantly reduced,and the proportion of preventive health products to therapeutic products is reversing.

Three,the current situation and challenges faced by China's veterinary drug industry.

China's veterinary drug enterprises are small and scattered,low industrial concentration and excess production capacity have become the most prominent problems in the development of the industry,the maintenance and development of the industry is difficult;the rapid improvement of the enforcement of laws and policies and efficiency can speed up the upgrading and transformation of the veterinary drug industry,meet the benign market competition and meet the needs of modern breeding veterinary drug products.The review methods and efficiency of products need to be improved urgently;vicious competition,poor competition and desire for R&D,weak protection of R&D,and scattered R&D resources are the main problems of good money being restricted by bad money;regional supervision is not balanced,management blind areas still exist,the low breeding market prompts small and medium-sized aquaculture enterprises and fake and inferior veterinary drugs supply and demand boom,industry The difficulty of standardized management is still arduous.

Four,the development trend of veterinary drug industry in China

1,the development direction of veterinary drug industry in China

The rigid demand for veterinary drugs on the market will not change,and the market capacity will be slowed down.It is the greatest potential market for global veterinary drug enterprises to compete.The intensive development of aquaculture industry has put forward new and higher requirements for veterinary drug industry,as well as new requirements for social development for veterinary drug industry.Veterinary drug enterprises are on the road of resource integration and professional segmentation.The number of Chinese veterinary drug enterprises is the first in the world.Serious overcapacity(more than 10 times).From the point of view of ensuring breeding needs,effectively integrating production resources,and maintaining full competition,300-500 phased veterinary drug enterprises are suitable,and may eventually maintain 100-200:

Biologics------------40-50 home

Pharmaceutical preparations------------200-300 family(including Chinese Veterinary Medicine)

API---------------40-50 home

Aquatic products and other----------50-100 homes

2.Development direction of veterinary drug manufacturers

Technology leading type:pay attention to research and development and technological progress,devote to the development of safe,efficient,low disability,environmental protection,convenient and differentiated products,rely on technology leading edge to seek development;

Cost leading type:pay attention to large-scale and fine management,mature and stable production process,reliable quality,rely on large-scale production to create cost leading advantage;

Professional subdivision:the enterprise is located in one or a few professional areas,focusing on,professional,sharing the market share of subdivision areas,such as focusing on Chinese veterinary drugs,diagnostic reagents,disinfectants,coccidiosis drugs,enzyme preparations,microecological preparations,vitamins and other enterprises;

Large-scale integrated:long product line,involving a variety of breeding,comprehensive R&D advantages,high brand awareness,management team and management system,strong marketing strength,the implementation of professional team segmentation,enterprise annual output value of more than 1 billion.

Veterinary drug enterprises will pay more attention to the construction of production and quality control system.Whether Internet+,Internet,or industrial 4,and China made 2025,we cannot do without the core of"quality stability,trust and reliability".Raising the scale of breeding will raise higher requirements for the management level,hardware configuration and quality management system of veterinary drug enterprises.

3,the Internet,big data and intelligent manufacturing will eventually subvert the development of the veterinary drug industry.

Internet technology and its flattened,three-dimensional,mutual and infinite human thinking have announced the arrival of the era of consumer sovereignty,commercial Internet has subverted the whole society to communicate and meet needs.