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Glucose Injection 10%

  Glucose or anhydrous glucose
  [character]colorless clear liquid.
  [indications]10%and above hypertonic solution has the effect of diuretic dehydration besides nutrition.For diarrhea,vomiting,severe injury,blood loss,when the loss of a large amount of water in the body,intravenous infusion of 10%glucose solution.The severely ill and exhausted livestock that can not be eaten can be used for supplementary nutrition,and the auxiliary treatment for piglets with hypoglycemia,bovine ketonemia,and poisoning can be relieved.
  [dosage]intravenous injection of horse and cow once.
  [ADR]Long-term simple glucose supplementation can lead to electrolyte disorders such as hypokalemia and hyponatremia.
  [Notes]Hypertonic injection should be injected slowly to avoid aggravating the burden on the heart and not leaking out of the bleeding tube.
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