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Glucose and Sodium Chloride Injection

  [main ingredients]glucose or anhydrous glucose and sodium chloride.
  [character]colorless clear liquid.
  Indications for dehydration.Replenish body fluid and energy to maintain blood volume.
  [dosage]intravenous injection of horse,cow 1000-3000ml sheep,pig 250-500ml dog 100-500ml*
  [adverse reactions]too much infusion and too fast can cause retention of water and sodium and cause edema.Higher blood pressure,faster heart rate,chest tightness,dyspnea,and even acute left heart failure.
  [caution]hypokalemia should be carefully used.It is easy to control the dosage of water and sodium retention in animals with liver and kidney dysfunction.
  [Specification]500ml;glucose 25g and sodium chloride 4.5g
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