Sodium Bicarbonate Injection

Indications for severe acidosis,gastroenteritis,ketosis.

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sodium intravenous injection should


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[main ingredients]sodium bicarbonate
[character]colorless clear liquid.
Indications for severe acidosis,gastroenteritis,ketosis.
[dosage]intravenous injection of horse,beef 300-600ml sheep,40-120ml 10-30ml*.
[Adverse reaction]A large number of intravenous injection can cause metabolic alkalosis,hypokalemia,heart rate arrhythmia,muscle spasm.Edema and muscle pain can be found in animals with excessive dosages or renal insufficiency.
[Cautions]Mixed use with acidic drugs,compound sodium chloride,magnesium sulfate or chlorpromazine hydrochloride injection should be avoided.It is irritating to tissues.Do not leak out of blood vessels during intravenous injection.The dosage of CO2 should be used to correct serious acid intoxication.(4)suffer from congestive heart failure,renal insufficiency and edema or potassium deficiency.

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