Party Lesson | Don't Forget Your Original Intent, Listen to the Party's Words, Remember Your Mission, and Follow the Party


Comrade Zhang Qinyu from the Organization Department of Jinghe New City gave a lecture on"Strengthening the Construction of Grassroots Party Organizations and Doing a Good Job in Theme Education for Non Public Enterprises".

Wang Xiaojiang,Secretary of the Party Committee of Yongle Town,gave an important speech on the management and organizational development of mobile party members.

The party class also pointed out the direction of how to do the company's party organization work based on the actual work and business characteristics of the enterprise,emphasizing that each party branch and all party affairs workers should carefully study the strengths and weaknesses of their department,identify,analyze,and solve problems,focus on the integration of party building work and production and operation business,do ideological and political work well,and focus on the construction of corporate culture,continuously improving the quality of party building work.

Finally,under the oath of Comrade Du Yufeng,a member of the Shengao Party branch and the general manager of Shengao Company,all participating party members and newly confirmed probationary party members Li Miao and Zhao Kangtai jointly reviewed the oath of joining the party.The meeting ended in a strong atmosphere.